Travel tattoos, some ideas for you

Have you ever tought about getting your passion for travel tattooed on your skin? Today, this trend is becoming very popular among young people. On the web, you can find many beautiful ideas of travel tattoos. Here I want to show you some.

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Palermo, what to see in the city

It’s not easy to choose what to see in Palermo. In all its contraddictions, the regional capital of Sicily offers a unique blend of people, traditions and cultures. So, you can visit the Teatro Massimo in city centre or you can sunbathe at the beach of Mondello, but for sure you won’t get bored.

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Instagram, the power of photos in travel industry

The power of Instagram and the importance of photographs. According to many tour operators, the famous photographic social network is the most powerful means to determine the success of a tourist destination. It can suggest up-and-coming destinations for those people who need new directions and it also can modify tourists’ habits.

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